Scentsy Bundle and Save

Scentsy Bundle and Save

Scentsy Bundle and Save Packages
Effective Sept. 1, we’re changing the Combine & Save name to Bundle & Save.

We’re swapping out the Scentsy Bar 3-pack (three Bars for $14 – a $1 savings) and swapping it with a Scentsy Bar Twin Pack (two Bars in the same fragrance for $11 – a $1 savings).

The Scentsy Bar 3-pack is so rarely ordered that it makes sense to replace it with a Twin Pack, which offers a better per-Bar discount. A twin pack is a very common and popular purchasing option, offering the convenience of having the products you love and use the most on hand. The new Scentsy Bar Twin Pack still reinforces the concept of “buy more, save more!” that is behind all of our Buncle & Save options.

Starting Sept. 1, you’ll be able to order the Twin Pack on your PWS and the Orders tab of your Workstation just like any other Scentsy bundle.

We’re also slightly adjusting the prices on all of our Bundle & Save options that include Bars to reflect the new Scentsy Bar price.

Additional changes in offerings will be unveiled at Scentsy Family Reunion and shown in the new catalogs.

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