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Scentsy Buddy Collection

Scentsy Buddies! Each Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold delightful Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak* and watch him or her come alive with scent! Buy Scentsy Buddy for the child in your life (or the child in you!) For children ages 3 years and up. Buy Scentsy Online! If you love Scentsy Buddies and other Scentsy products, check our the option to JOIN SCENTSY!   Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies — Only 40,000 of each available and then will be discontinued for good.

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Scentsy Buddy Scent Pak

What are the Safety Standards for Scentsy Buddy? You will be pleased to know that the Scentsy Buddy and the Scentsy Scent Pak have passed stringent product safety testing for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Both products passed specific safety tests for children’s toys. The Scentsy Buddy is a soft, stuffed animal, and the Scent Pak is a high-thread-count bag containing food-safe polymer beads injected with fragrance oil. Both Scentsy Buddy and the Scent Pak have passed tests for tear strength and foreseeable misuse, flammability tests, fabric composition and cleanliness, and toxicological assessments for banned or restricted chemicals without producing detectable amounts of any such substance.