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The following is an excerpt from a letter written by the owner of Scentsy that describes Scentsy wax and why it is so high in quality and scent.

Originally dated 2/10/2006

Re: What wax do we use?

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“Many customers have asked about the wax we use and why. Here is the scoop. We use a food-grade petroleum based wax. We chose this wax because of it’s superior scent loading ability, melt point and firmness. We looked into vegetable based waxes, and we just couldn’t get a quality candle bar.

The issue of vegetable vs. petroleum waxes is raised primarily by vegetable wax candle makers because of the health risk associated with “burning” petroleum waxes. Most of the scientific research I have read (as opposed to sales literature) suggests that there are plenty of health issues with burning candles of any type of wax. Switching to vegetable based waxes does not seem to reduce the health risks as much as the veggie wax people would like us to believe. The Scentsy solution is simply not to “burn” the wax. The wax is not burned, and therefore, not released into the air to pollute our lungs, walls and furniture.”

Here is a tip if you accidentally spill melted wax in carpet.

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